East german k98

It is most unlikely that there any more of these products available anywhere in the world. For collectors, the prospects of being able to buy additional WWII collectible items like these that Mitchell found are increasingly slim… not only because of the passage of time but also because new and increasingly restrictive regulations make importing extremely difficult. Basically, Collectors or interested would-be collectors are advised to “get it now” while you still can. The products are so rare that they increase in value every year. These kinds of products are disappearing rapidly; just like the guys who used them.

I viewed some excellent variations at C and G Firearms headed up by Chris Goodwin. Chris specialises in military firearms and especially sniper variations. I was after a K98 rifle and a turret system and at the time Chris had none, so fate intervened…  Ewen Campbell of Benchgrade Products Ltd was having his K98 sniper rifle serviced at Norman Clarks gunsmith, I saw it there, and managed to make Ewen an offer he couldn’t refuse – and came away with it in my sweaty little hands. The only problem was that it didn’t have a turret mount but a long slide system. However there was a bonus in the fact that the scope was a Zeiss Zielsech which is more unusual but still period and authentic.

East german k98

east german k98


east german k98east german k98east german k98east german k98east german k98