East german makarov grips

So What's The Makarov's Appeal
The East German Makarovs have wide appeal to collectors and shooters for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the East German variant is a beautifully made handgun with a high level of fit and finish. They are prized by their owners because they are considered to be the most well-made of the Makarovs. The gun also has a strong following among collectors of Communist-Bloc pistols and those who collect Makarovs specifically. Collectors like the fact that the pistol was not significantly altered for importation (other than the import marking and grips with a thumb rest), which is not the case for other surplus pistols (such at the TT-33, which had an external safety added). Astute collectors also appreciate the engineering of the Makarov and its simplicity. For example, the pistol has only 25 parts, including the stock and stock screw, which is an extremely small number for a pistol of its type. The Makarov also has a small but loyal following for those who use it as a highly reliable concealed carry handgun. Others simply enjoy the Makarov because of its excellent shooting qualities. For all of these reasons, the price of these pistols continues to rise, with typical specimens selling between $350 and $500.

East german makarov grips

east german makarov grips


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