Hypertrophic scar steroid injection

Keloids were described by Egyptian surgeons around 1700 BCE, recorded in the Smith papyrus, regarding surgical techniques. [ citation needed ] Baron Jean-Louis Alibert (1768–1837) identified the keloid as an entity in 1806. [ citation needed ] He called them cancroïde , later changing the name to chéloïde to avoid confusion with cancer. The word is derived from the Greek χηλή , chele , meaning " hoof ", here in the sense of "crab pincers ", and the suffix -oid , meaning "like".

"The research that was performed at our clinic suggests that in the majority of cases we were able to flatten raised, red scars and made the colour return towards normal. In our clinic, we routinely initiate therapy with CICA-CARE for patients with raised, red scars. It is preferable over other forms of therapy because it is not painful like steroid injections, it does not have any discomfort associated with wearing pressure garments, and it does not have the risks or complications which may be associated with surgery. Patients find CICA-CARE very easy to use and helpful in their own care.

Scars on the legs and knees are more difficult to treat.  It really depends on the cause and your skin type when deciding on the best treatment.  If the scar is red then you can use the V-Beam laser to treat it.  It will take at least three treatments to help reduce this redness.  If the scars are dark and raised then you may be better off using bleaching creams containing hydroquinones and peels.  There are other lasers that can be utilized for these types of scars. eMatrix, Fraxel, Pico, Clear and Brilliant, among other lasers. However, in general, these type of pigmented scars are best treated conservatively and often laser may not be the best choice. Please post photos of the scars for more advice and consult an expert in scar treatments.  Best, Dr. Green

Hypertrophic scar steroid injection

hypertrophic scar steroid injection


hypertrophic scar steroid injectionhypertrophic scar steroid injectionhypertrophic scar steroid injectionhypertrophic scar steroid injectionhypertrophic scar steroid injection