If oral thrush doesn't go away

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I have that same problem too. Its so wierd my doctor said its not candida and that its because im breathing from my mouth instead of my nose. And that was also the explanation he gave for the white coating on my tongue. That was 2013-2014. Then i went on a sugar free, carb free diet for a year – it was really strict because i wanted to see for myself if it was fungus causing all those symptoms – white tongue, lips, inflammation in the face, bloating, tiredness fatigue etc… Up until now the white coating on the lips has gone completely. I used to have to wipe it off 3 times during the day at work, and it was so embarassing. But in the past year ive been cheating and eating cakes and sugary foods every now and then. The white lips hasnt come back, but the tongue still gets coated. I’m here now looking for a proper diet and treatment because i’ve never really been on one, but definitely will go back to eating sugar free and carb free. Here in Sydney there is a quite well known naturopath. I’ve been taking his parasite tonics since 2013, check out pinnacle health. I have a feeling it had a tremendous effect on the the candida, because i wasnt even on any antifungal remedies and already my face shrunk and fatigue was gone just on their parasite tonic, but still eating without sugar and carbs. I’ve also been taking probiotics by healthy origins. Its very powerful.

If oral thrush doesn't go away

if oral thrush doesn't go away


if oral thrush doesn't go awayif oral thrush doesn't go awayif oral thrush doesn't go awayif oral thrush doesn't go awayif oral thrush doesn't go away