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Medicinal chemistry, hit to lead optimization programs, library synthesis
Process R&D, route scouting and development, winner Pfizer Process R&D innovation award in 2011
Leading supplier of reference standards, metabolites and impurities. Over 1500 unique and complex metabolites, standards and impurities synthesized
Custom synthesis up to 50 L scale
World leader in chiral chemistry. Outstanding skills in chiral resolution and inventor of the “Dutch Resolution”
Capabilities to deal with difficult substance classes
– Vitamin D derivatives
– Carbohydrates
– Steroids
– Dedicated and segregated beta lactam lab

Dumas had to strap Malléjac down for the journey to hospital at Avignon. Mallejac insisted that he had been given a drugged bottle from a soigneur, whom he didn't name, and said that while his other belongings had reached the hospital intact, the bottle had been emptied and couldn't be analysed. [24] Malléjac insisted that he wanted to start legal proceedings, and Dumas said: "I'm prepared to call for a charge of attempted murder." The incident was never resolved however, with Mallejac returning for subsequent Tours and denying any wrongdoing for the rest of his life.

In 1995, the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Asia was the leader in opium production, yielding 2,500 tons annually. According to . drug experts, there were new drug trafficking routes from Burma through Laos, to southern China, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In January 1996, the Burmese warlord Khun Sa "surrendered" to the ruling junta of Burma. The junta allowed Khun Sa to retain control of his opium trade if he would end his 30-year-old revolutionary war against the government. In 1998, it appeared that approximately 18% of the heroin smuggled into the . came from the Golden Triangle.

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