Mauro dipasquale anabolic diet

I will most definitely do that! I dropped 2 lb of pure body fat in week one. My goal for week 10 is a total fat loss of 18 lbs. I have dropped that much weight before to reach peak condition but in the past I had to sacrifice lean mass to get there. This protocol shows so much promise for people who don’t want to restrict dietary choices but have the discipline to follow the guidelines and stick with the set times. The dogmatic, all-or-nothing approach concerning carbohydrate intake that is rampant in the diet scene sometimes causes more harm than good.

Virtually everyone on planet earth consumes too many carbohydrates. Carbohydrates serve as the bodies first source of fuel. When carbs are abundantly high, there is no reason to burn fat for energy; therefore bodyfat is preserved. The lowfat food madness is at it’s all time high. Low fat foods have skyrocketed in sales during the last few years, but there are more obese people now than ever before. This should ring a bell in society’s ears; excess carbs are bad. Without carbohydrates the body will have no energy, report some nutritional experts.

Dr. Dipasquale states this is true until our bodies make the metabolic shift. The metabolic shift takes place when the body is making the transition from being a carb-burning machine to being a fat burning machine. Once the body makes the shift stored bodyfat will be the bodies primary source of fuel. When this takes place energy levels will be back to normal. In some cases individuals report that they have more energy than ever. The first week is the hardest week of the diet. This is when the body is going through the metabolic shift. The third day is usually when people begin to feel fatigued, light-headed or drowsy.

Mauro dipasquale anabolic diet

mauro dipasquale anabolic diet


mauro dipasquale anabolic dietmauro dipasquale anabolic dietmauro dipasquale anabolic dietmauro dipasquale anabolic dietmauro dipasquale anabolic diet