New steroid for colitis

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Flaxseed or linseed is the seed from the flax plant. It is rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acid which both help to soften and bulk the stool and facilitate the elimination of waste. Flaxseed also cleanses the colon and continued use may help prevent colon cancer. It has the added benefits of lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. Jean Reinhardt-Martin’s book, Flax Your Way to Better Health, not only reveals the fascinating history behind flax, but also tells you where to find flax products and how to make your own meals with flaxseed.

Diversion colitis is an inflammation of the colon which can occur as a complication of ileostomy or colostomy , often occurring within the year following the surgery. It also occurs frequently in a neovagina created by colovaginoplasty , with varying delay after the original procedure. [1] Despite the presence of a variable degree of inflammation the most suggestive histological feature remains the prominent lymphoid aggregates. A foul smelling, mucous rectal discharge may develop from the inflamed mucosa of the distal, unused colon.

New steroid for colitis

new steroid for colitis


new steroid for colitisnew steroid for colitisnew steroid for colitisnew steroid for colitisnew steroid for colitis