New york times steroid list

The Story: In February 2005 Canseco released his autobiography and steroid tell-all, Juiced , Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big. In it he described himself as 'the chemist' having experimented on himself for years. He claimed to have educated and personally injected many players including Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez, Ivan Rodriguez, and Jason Giambi. In his second book, Vindicated , Canseco added Magglio Ordonez to the list of players he had educated and injected with steroids. He also said he introduced Alex Rodriguez to a trainer/PED supplier after Rodriguez had asked where he could get steroids.

Later, at a café in the Design District, sharing a plate of grilled fish and some calamari with a friend, Rodriguez glows. Uplifted, emboldened by that applause, he talks about how badly he wants to get back and play, help the team, blend into the team, have it not be about him anymore, and his words are unusually cogent, his tone nakedly earnest, altruistic. He's once again that phenom with nothing but upside. He looks hopeful, sounds hopeful, and while there's something stirring about such hope in the face of so much hate, it also seems uncharitable to continue hating in the face of such hope. When asked how it all sounds to her ears, however, his friend frowns. Total bullshit, she says.

Thank you bob, cherry valley. I agree. All this trash talk about steroid use between Yankee and Red Sox fans is just plain juvenile. I have good friends who are Red Sox fans and we talk baseball almost everyday. Interestingly, very little was said when the A-Rod story came out – and likewise little was said when the Ortiz story came out. We do however talk about baseball. The game of baseball -the Red Sox crushing 8 game run on the Yankees early in the season, and the Yankees devastating 4 game sweep the Red Sox later on. It’s a baseball rivalry, not a steroid rivalry. If the Yankees and the Red Sox make it to the playoffs and play different teams in the first round – I always root for the Sox to win – I want the Yankees vs. Red Sox Championship Series. That’s where the real action is, the high drama and baseball at it’s finest. So let’s leave the “That’s what you are, but what am I” silliness behind and……PLAY BALL!!!!

New york times steroid list

new york times steroid list


new york times steroid listnew york times steroid listnew york times steroid listnew york times steroid listnew york times steroid list