Oral turinabol avis

Though studies are limited, the effects of Turinabol on women were observed back in the 1960s when coaches in East Germany gave it to their female athletes for performance enhancement. They were given considerably low doses of just 5mg to 15mg a day, and the results were startling. Almost all the female athletes who used Turinabol experienced virilization to some degree, and some experienced severe virilization to the point that they grew facial hair and Adam’s apples. Aside from this, these women developed serious heart problems, liver disease, infertility, and psychiatric disorders, and a handful of them even died. Some women still use Turinabol at doses of -5mg but it’s not recommended for women compared to other safer options.

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Oral turinabol avis

oral turinabol avis


oral turinabol avisoral turinabol avis