Portland or steroid bust

IMDb rating:
IMDb votes: 7,278
Year released: 1999
Director: Barry W. Blaustein

Though it has the unfortunate uncinematic look of a late 90s documentary, Beyond the Mat offers an interesting window into the day-to-day lives of pro wrestlers. Director Barry W. Blaustein follows wrestlers at different stages of their careers—current star Mick Foley, recent retiree Terry Funk, and washed-up legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts—to show the highs and the costs of the lifestyle. Foley is the standout of the film, and it’s fascinating to see the intricacies and the toll that his brand of gross-out, extreme wrestling. The film did a lot to demonstrate that though the storylines are written, wrestling is not play-fighting—these are real athletes with real injuries and truly exceptional tolerances for pain.

Portland or steroid bust

portland or steroid bust