Recommended dbol dosage

When you supplement with Dbol, and this goes for all anabolic steroids it is imperative you live a healthy lifestyle that promotes the continuation of good health. If your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are healthy prior to supplementation, and you shouldn't be supplementing otherwise, continue to live in a way that promotes the continuation of such healthy levels; in-fact, give it more attention. This should not be all that hard to do; after all, you're supplementing for the purpose of performance enhancement, and an unhealthy lifestyle does not promote this end. You bet, this means avoiding excess or heavy alcohol consumption, but it also needs to be avoided due to the C17-aa nature of this steroid as discussed above. Heavy alcohol consumption is extremely hard on the liver, and you don't need the added stress; more so, alcohol itself is the most anti-performance thing you could ever put into your body. While you should avoid excess alcohol, and all alcohol if you want to do things right, you are also encouraged to avoid all over the counter (OTC) medications when possible. Many OTC meds carry extremely strong hepatotoxic natures, some even more so than many anabolic steroids, and their use must be limited to only when truly needed.

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Why not start on 20-25 a day and work your way up? Why use more than is necessary? Con only used 25mg a day, I currently am using 25 a day as part of a kickstart, and as with Con, my bp goes baserk on anymore at the moment. Funnily enough, hard to sleep with your vein going boom boom boom on your temples from high d-bol. Yes things have moved on but orals in the past used to be pyramided ie 20 30 40 50 50 40 30. Saying that, I did run d-bol for 12 weeks with the rest of the crap and funnily enough, I am not dead, so maybe thats why I tapered it up and down.

Recommended dbol dosage

recommended dbol dosage


recommended dbol dosagerecommended dbol dosagerecommended dbol dosagerecommended dbol dosagerecommended dbol dosage