Steroid equivalency chart

“The vast majority of serious consequences are determined by midwives before birthing at home and if there is even a remote chance of one occurring a home birth would not be supported and the parents would be strongly advised against it.”
So not true. I was low-risk, monitored by midwives, started to give birth at free-standing birth center. I tried to tell midwives that my Mother had prolonged labor, but they didn’t listen, said everyone was different, and I needed to concentrate on positive thoughts. I trusted them completely, and my baby was the one who paid for this. Long story short, after 30 hrs of labor, midwives still were not sure if I need to go to the hospital or not. They never said that there was potential danger for the baby if I won’t go. I went because of crazy pain only, but it turned out that my baby suffered because prolonged labor. He passed meconium, aspirated, his lung didn’t expand… Luckily, in the hospital they gave me epidural, induced me with oxytocin and I progressed very fast. My baby spend 2 weeks in NICU, first on ventilator, than oscillator, on IV narcotics for pain, 2 meds to keep his blood pressure from dropping, urinary catheter, arterial line, central venous life. They didn’t know if he would survive for a week. 6 months later he still cried from pain. It could have been totally prevented if I gave birth in the hospital, with continuous monitoring, and my providers erred on the side of caution, rather than “naturalness”. Just remember that your child might pay for your choices.

And of course, what survey of gender difference research would be complete without an allusion to the wretched annals of dating? When I told the team about the disparity in attrition between genders, the resounding response was along the lines of, “Well, yeah. Just think about dating from a man’s perspective.” Indeed, a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior confirms that men treat rejection in dating very differently than women, even going so far as to say that men “reported they would experience a more positive than negative affective response after… being sexually rejected.”

Steroid equivalency chart

steroid equivalency chart


steroid equivalency chartsteroid equivalency chartsteroid equivalency chartsteroid equivalency chartsteroid equivalency chart