Steroid shot for ear infection

I have all these symptoms too... the heart palpitations, sweating, flushing, feeling extra emotional. My coworker said something to me that normally would not upset me and I started to have tears in my eyes and I couldn't help it at all I had to walk away. I thought it was probably all due to my anxiety but I've never experienced it like this before. I got 8 trigger point injections in my thoracic area on Friday, so it's almost been a week for me now. I am also wondering when my back pain should feel better?? My doctor also never told me any of this, I can't believe how common it seems to be!!

I took him to the vet Feb. 18 after a week and a half of off and on again bloody sneezing, and he was given Convenia (due to him being a biter and the inability for me to safely medicate him). He was also given Baytril and Dexamethasone shots. It took a large vet to safely hold him down and another to give the shots. And believe me, he was hissing mad afterwards! Once we got home, he was more docile and actually did not sneeze again for 2 days. However, a few days later he became very lethargic and was not eating very well, and started having sneezing fits. He gets fed one can of soft food a day, broken down into portions, and has a bowl of hard food always set out to supplement and help keep his teeth healthy. He normally Loves his soft food, but he was not finishing the smaller portions I was now giving him, and even left some of his plates not touched at all. Before, even while sneezing blood, he acted normal in every other way, being active and eating heartily.

Steroid shot for ear infection

steroid shot for ear infection


steroid shot for ear infectionsteroid shot for ear infectionsteroid shot for ear infectionsteroid shot for ear infectionsteroid shot for ear infection