Tbol appetite

Epistane-if it is legit-in my experience (numerous runs of each) is significantly better than tbol for bodybuilding purposes. Fullness, vascularity, hardness/graininess, strength, and just overall well being are some of the benefits I experienced while on it. It's definitely one of my favorite orals. The worst sides were insomnia and back pumps without taurine supplementation. Insane back pumps and just overall fullness. I've had blood work done countless times and it was never harsh on my liver, but I was also never reckless with it - I ran like 30-60 mg/day for the most part.

On 200mg per wk of test my range is between 700-1200ng/dl. The day after my shot I’m around 1200 and by day 6-7 I am down around 700. Anything over 800 is optimal and you can float around 1100-1200 with usually no health issues. But I would make it a point to donate blood on the regular. As for arimadex, I got away without any the first couple yrs of trt but then estrogen started elevating a tad and I began using just 1/2mg 3x a week and it keeps me in good range. As for hcg I usually just hit a whack of it every 10-12 wks for 2500iu x 2 wks, and this is mainly because it comes in 5,000iu vials and to use the standard 250iu twice/wk means the shelf life of 30 days aftet constitution will expire before I use it all. I dont want to waste it and preloading pins and sticking in freezer to prolong shelf like after constitution is a pain.

so for this product, first of its tren base, test base and winstrol. so you are expecting pip with it,,so be aware of that. id recommenced warming up the vial before using.. its strong stuff too that defiantly packs a punch. if your a newbie to this i would not use as its strong. in the gym i noticed my lifts go through the roof while running this around 45mins pre workout. whenever i run winstrol i notice huge strength increases so that was very noticeable for me. the tren base i got tren cough of it once or twice. the aggression and power you get from it is fantastic i love it! and the test base i know from my experience of just running test base on its own gave me fantastic energy in the gym with great pumps to help. so with all three compound mixed you can expect one hell of an ass kicking product. i LOVE IT. the only negative is the pip but its an all base product so what the hell. not that much of a biggy!

Tbol appetite

tbol appetite


tbol appetitetbol appetite