Tbol cramps

Still using var but I have like 3 days left. Great Var I'm very hard and vascular I like to think its helping me keep some what lean even when my diet is shit. I was also depressed when i started it and couldn't eat much and I maintained my weight and look even though my calories weren't there. It may be helping with my depression as well. I like to think so. Var usually makes me feel more uplifted. Primo does as well. Hard for me to catch a cold or get sick on it to. I don't go over 50mg bc if you have real var 100mg a day is ridiculous ur kidneys and liver would scream at u. Ive been using 20 to 40 mg a day trying to make it last bc funds are low. I think 40 would be my sweet spot. Impressed with dragon ive never used there products. So ill be roughly running a 4 to 6 week cycle. I'm happy with it wish I had more!

Ok this is my second review of legitgear. Anyone thqt says these guys arent top notch dont know what theyre talking about because i ran watson and kalpa pharma gear and when i used tge bulldog line it blew me away. So much i had to do a second review. All my email were answered in detail within a couple hours sometimes sooner. I also seen someone say theyre stock isnt great???? They carry everything i could possibly think of and then some. The quality i cant say enough about. My bloods were through the roof. No pip what so ever. I will never go elsewhere again

Tbol cramps

tbol cramps