Tbol sustanon cycle results

Try running the sus at 250mg per week for 6 weeks and throw in Dbol (not T) for the first 4-5 weeks just to get you going. Sus is relatively quick and will start making you feel good pretty quickly. After the 8 weeks period I would up it a little to 500mg per week for the next 4 weeks. Then go off. One week after your last shot start on Nolva…and this is where the real training comes in. 40-20-20-20-10. HCG should not be used unless you have really shut down and want to get the boys back in the barn…quick. This really hasn’t got much use for a fist timer as it merely used after larger cycles and to try and hold some of the gains after numerous cycles. This is my opinion anyway…each to their own.

Long overdue review of endurexx deca 250 and sarcoplex tbol
Used the deca at 500mgs a week for 13 weeks along with test e and c. At about week 6 my joints felt nice and lubed, which at my age is a very noticable effect, also my shoulders and chest really thickened up through weeks 6 through 10. I love how deca makes my muscles look and feel so full.
After week 13 of my test and deca cycle was done i took the tbol for 5 weeks at 40mgs aday and i really liked how it seemed to really cut me up alot and made my arms incredibly vascular, they were sick looking.

Tons of stuff but bm pharma enenthenate 250
Ran for several weeks 1 cc a week for a cruise.
Was already cruising along when started .
Pins easy although it's a little thicker solution however it's not bad at all.
Cruising from a break from a previous blast and 9 felt great never lost communication with the boys and it kept me alive.
I like the individual amps as it seems more stearal.
Had to have some antiestro on hand as I had little estrogen probs as they stayed leveraged prolly from the blast previously.

Tbol sustanon cycle results

tbol sustanon cycle results


tbol sustanon cycle resultstbol sustanon cycle resultstbol sustanon cycle resultstbol sustanon cycle resultstbol sustanon cycle results