Tbol vs superdrol

I'm not arguing against the fact that studies are important but how many people actually read those studies? When you run an AAS do you read all of the 50 years worth of medical studies on it before deciding whether to run it or not? Or do you go off what others say safe in the knowledge the studies are there? Not having a bash mate but I've never really gone for the medical studies argument. Superdrol is bar far the most popular legal steroid around, I would agree with FGB's opinion that there are probably as many people who have ran SD as tbol, if SD was dangerous etc people would be dropping like flies. Not exactly a scientific argument I know but again as stated steroids are generally used in higher doses than used in the studies, so just how valid are those studies? I've read a few where the studies were geared towards steroid use, so fair enough, but I'm not sure how valid a study on say using 20mg of testosterone a week when comparing to 500mg+ a week.

Tbol vs superdrol

tbol vs superdrol


tbol vs superdroltbol vs superdroltbol vs superdrol