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My itching started 10 days after giving birth to my son. my obgyn said it was not Pupp because “Pupp only occurs during prgnancy.” So I went to my family doctor and he said he had treated 3 cases of Pupp after delivery and he was sure what I had was Pupp. He prescribed prednisone for 7 days and the itch went away after day two. However 3 days after i finioshed the dosage, the itch came back. Its been two weeks since then and I am still itching. Hot compresses before bed seem to give me enough relief for me to fall asleep.

I’ve also worked hard since I was twelve (now I’m 48) and my hands and arms have huge veins sticking up if I’m not off work for a day or two. BP is fine though since I went from 162 lbs to 113 lbs in 5 months. But, the parts I work with have sharp flash (plastics factory) and I’ll get those red slashes that make some people think it’s an Aids thing. NO, hubby and I have been faithful to each other for 20 years, this is just thin skin that has gotten thinner. And today I got the scrape over one of the veins and bled like crazy even though it was the most miniscule of nicks. Had blood dripping and curling around my wrist, for heaven’s sake.

Topical steroid cream cvs

topical steroid cream cvs


topical steroid cream cvstopical steroid cream cvstopical steroid cream cvs