Tren acetate night sweats

I am not new to Genos and bout 18 months ago I made a purchase for the pharmaceutical pfizer genotropin from another source. I noticed fantastic results and with this purchase i had similar results and no doubt this is an authentic pharma grade hgh product. Some of the highlights are:
1- Amazing sleep
2- Rapid weight gain within first couple of weeks
3- Belly fat loss
4- Pumps and more energy
5- Numbness and water retention as usual
6- Afternoon naps
7- Sub Q injections completely smooth
8- Fuller muscles
9- Wide round shoulders
10- More endurance and CV activity

I used 250mg of testoxyl cypionate and Sustaxyl 350mg every 7 days after the 5th week I added 50mg of Stanoxyl Depot daily and after the 12th week of my cycle I gained 21lbs of lean muscle lost 9% bodyfat and my strength is off the charts. My bench is up from 225 for 3 reps to 2 reps of 315 and its not just my bench my strength is up all across the board and Im so pumped because I never thought I get 315 and Im getting it for 2 good reps no spot. I havent needed to use the Letrozole so I cant comment on that but Im sure its Top Quality just like the rest of the products from 1Steroids.

Tren acetate night sweats

tren acetate night sweats


tren acetate night sweatstren acetate night sweatstren acetate night sweatstren acetate night sweatstren acetate night sweats