Turboliner airplane

Today’s on-demand business usually involves charter flights that carry passengers and freight; the company can arrange magnetic survey flights too, harking back to their roots almost 20 years ago. Payloads for UPS and FedEx are routinely carried. Support for Federal, State, and Native organizations, and for corporate customers in the oil, commercial fishing and sportsman’s lodge industries help to keep TransNorthern Aviation’s fleet active around the clock. With Alaska’s size and reliance on aviation, TransNorthern Aviation provides an important service with some unique capabilities throughout the state and beyond.

Turboliners arrived on the Detroit run on April 10, 1975. Additional equipment allowed Amtrak to add a round-trip in late April; the arrival of a third trainset in May made Chicago–Detroit the "first all-turbine-powered route". After one year of operation, ridership on the corridor had increased by 72 percent. The fixed capacity of 292 passengers on an RTL trainset proved an impediment; Amtrak could not add capacity when demand outstripped supply. Amtrak replaced one of the trainsets with a conventional locomotive hauling then-new Amfleet coaches in 1976; Turboliner service ended altogether by 1981 as more Amfleet equipment became available. [26]

Turboliner airplane

turboliner airplane


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