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As for the free programs, I trust PrivaZer, CCleaner, Glary Utilities, Malwarebytes, Revo Uninstaller and Avast! Anti-Virus. I used IOBit Advanced, both the free and paid version, but then, became unhappy, since it was taking up too much, of my computer's resources. I discovered Glary Utilities Free, which seem to do a much better job of "cleaning" out areas of my computer, than IOBit was doing ... And, it was FREE! Glary Utilities does NOT take up a lot of resources, either. Plus, to "clean up" the areas Glary Utilities checks out, you do NOT have to "purchase" the paid version, to "clean up"!!!

I really like Fast Stone screen capture, and on the whole find it very easy to use, but for one thing which is really not well documented and took me quite a while to figure out. Roland asked about how to capture a scrolling window just over a year ago and nobody replied to him. Capturing a scrolling window is not really intuitive.

When you want to capture a scrolling window, first scroll to the top of the window, or scroll so the location you want to start capturing from is at the top of the window. Press the hot key (Ctrl Alt PrtScr) or click the screen capture scrolling window icon and either move your mouse over to hover on the scroll bar, or wait for the red border to show up on the content window and then move your mouse over the scroll bar. Now click once on the scroll bar, and the screen capture will scroll down the page and take the snapshot.

You must position the window with the slider right at the top if you want the whole page, or position the page so the place you want to capture frm is at the top of the window.

Uninstall web steroids

uninstall web steroids


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